1 Joe heads clear.jpg2 Jon races on to the through ball.jpg3 Lee has the headband this week, he shoots but it's blocked.jpg4 Tom Bonner.jpg5 It looks dangerous, but it's over the bar.jpg6 4 waiting for Lee's corner to come over.jpg7 The keeper collects in front of Jon.jpg8 Paul times his jump right and heads clear.jpg9 The Braintree player somehow hooks it goalward......jpg10 ...but it's no trouble for Andy.jpg11 Duracell Danny.jpg12 Elliot takes on 2 Braindead defenders.jpg13 The keepers fist denies Elliot the header.jpg14 Jon shoots......jpg15 ..but the keeper has it covered.jpg16 2nd half and Tom Champion has a go......jpg17 ...but once again the keeper collects.jpg18 The Braintree subs header is blocked.jpg
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1 Joe heads clear.jpg