1 The Hardcore Darts Supporters.jpg2 Elliot chips the keeper but it's too high.jpg3 Ryan tries a shot.jpg4 forcing the keeper full length.jpg5 Charlie sends the ball across low and hard.....jpg6 ... but neither Elliot or Jack can get a boot on it.jpg7 The defender cuts the ball out.jpg8 Jack is held as the ball comes over.jpg9 the ball is headed clear but it falls to Charlie (out of shot) who fires home.jpg10 1-0 Darts.jpg11 71 mins gone and this is Deren's first 'involvement' in the game.jpg12 Jack Pallen.jpg13 Jack Pallen (2).jpg14 Jack jumps for the ball.jpg15 Charlie heads goalward but it's wide.jpg16 Jack is sent flying - Penalty.jpg17 Charlie steps up......jpg18 ...and that's the Darts 2nd.jpg
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1 The Hardcore Darts Supporters.jpg