Waiting to come out of the tunnel (Large).jpgThe Captain looks thoughtful (Large).jpgit was not a good night for Football (Large).jpgEarly Pressure (Large).jpgThe Keeper just gets to the lob (Large).jpgTommy B meets the corner....... (Large).jpg..but the keeper pulls out a save (Large).jpgDan tries the follow up but the defender gets a boot in the way (Large).jpgTommy tries to get the ball thru the defence but the player on the post clears it (Large).jpgDan's shot is palmed away by the keeper (Large).jpgHere comes the free kick... (Large).jpg....once again the keeper is there to palm it round the post (Large).jpgHe tries the shot but it's just wide of the far post (Large).jpgThe keeper was having a good game (Large).jpgPaul discusses some of the decisions with the ref at half time (Large).jpgFrom there it would be easier to score surely Tommy (Large).jpgDan runs up for the penalty (Large).jpgThe keeper tries but is beaten (Large).jpg
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Waiting to come out of the tunnel (Large).jpg