Jack Pallen Matt Jones Dave Phillips (Team Physio) Jack Pallen Paul Goodacre Andrew Young Daniel Palfrey John Macrae (Goalkeeper Coach) Richard Graham John Macrae (Goalkeeper Coach) Danny Harris James Rogers Charlie Sheringham Tom Bonner Ryan Hayes Lee Noble Adam Green Elliot Bradbrook (Captain) Tony Burman (Manager) Paul Sawyer (Joint Assistant Manager/Coach) AJon Wallis Ryan Cooper Lee Burns Deren Ibrahim Steve Moseley (Coach) Billy Eves

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Back (left to right): Adam Green, Matt Jones, Charlie Sheringham, Tom Bonner, Danny Harris, James Rogers

Middle (left to right): Dave Phillips (First Team Physio), Ryan Cooper, Richard Graham, Paul Goodacre, Andrew Young, Deren Ibrahim, Elliot Bradbrook (Captain), Billy Eves, Lee Burns, John Macrae (Goalkeeper Coach)

Front (left to right): Jack Pallen, Ryan Hayes, Steve Moseley (Coach), Tony Burman (Manager), Paul Sawyer (Joint Assistant Manager/Coach), Lee Noble, Jon Wallis

Not in team photo: Tom Champion

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