Ben Francis Andy Pugh Jack Smedley Tom Gardiner Tom Bonner Ellis Brown Ronnie Vint Becka-Kah Dembele Keaton Wood Danny Harris Anthony Adeyileka Tom Wynter
Luke Wanadio
Alex Brown
Ryan Hayes Lee Noble Richard Seixas Elliot Bradbrook (Captain) Tony Burman (Manager) Paul Sawyer (Joint Assistant Manager/Coach) Tony Coxall Duane Ofori-Acheampong George Sykes Deren Ibrahim Steve Moseley (Coach) Jason Long

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Back (left to right): Keaton Wood, Ben Francis, Tom Gardiner, Ronnie Vint, Tom Bonner, Elliot Bradbrook (El Capitano) Danny Harris, Duane Ofori-Acheampong.

Middle (left to right): Jack Smedley (Operations Manager), Richard Seixas, Ellis Brown, Becka-Kah Dembele, Tony Coxall (GK), Deren Ibrahim (GK), Alex Brown, Tom Wynter, Andy Pugh, Luke Wanadio, Anthony Adeyileka (Team Physio).

Front (left to right): Ryan Hayes, Paul Sawyer (Assistant Manager), Tony Burman (Manager), Steve Moseley (Coach), Lee Noble.

Dartford FC Player Profiles (last update 3.8.2016)